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有首英文歌曲开头旋律是歌词是重复的BEAutiFul BEA...

what makes you besutiful

we are one-kelly sweet

beautiful love ——蔡健雅

Britney - (Drop Dead) Beautiful ?

歌曲名:A Beautiful Day 歌手:Gare Du Nord 专辑:Sex N Jazz A Beautiful Day Gare Du Nord Rise and shine Come on let's roll Me and my baby We're pure as gold It's a beautiful day So let's fly away The two of us rush into tomorrow O...

就是想找一首电视上经常播的汽车广告曲,其中歌词想找一首电视上经常播的汽车广告曲,其中歌词好像有 you are beautiful。我也很喜欢。

beautiful gril ——T-ara 应该是这首

我只知道love is beautiful,so beautiful,会不会听差了啊 那首是蔡健雅的beautiful love

britney spears - beautiful.mp3 抓k亮啦

wonderful tonight---baby face


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